RV Business Intelligence Solutions

The top 10 RV manufacturers and close to 400 RV dealers use Statistical Survey’s business intelligence solutions to streamline operations and cut costs while retaining and expanding their sales channel and customer base to increase revenue. With the widest variety and most portable data formats available, we know who’s buying and how to reach them, and can show you what’s selling, why customers buy and how to retain them. Whether you are a manufacturer, dealer, supplier, or involved in finance, our analytical expertise and sophisticated technology will enable you to make better business decisions.

We offer solutions in the following areas:

Territorial Management Reports

With Statistical Surveys, territory management has never been easier. Our comprehensive Territorial Management Reports let customer create, manage, and report on more complex territory structures based on region, district, zone, or other specific reporting areas. Using this capability, managers can analyze customer data by territory and then use these insights to leverage key management capabilities.

Point of Sale, Point of Placement

Statistical Surveys provides dependable point-of-sale data for 30 states and point of placement data for 49 states. This gives you the power and flexibility you need to improve customer service, boost sales volume, reduce operational costs, improve business operations and keep up with the competition.


Statistical Surveys compiles and publishes trends data on deliveries of new RVs from manufacturers to dealers. The data provides insights into industry trends in the production and sales of these vehicles by Calendar Year, Model Year, Fiscal Year and 12 Month Rolling.

Custom Reporting

The Statistical Surveys Team can develop and prepare custom reports based on your exact market data requirements in such areas as:

Market Share Reports

Our Market Share Reports provide information on manufacturers, models and type. These reports use the purchaser location and/or dealer's location in select states as the geographic reference, and are published either as detailed State Reports or National Summary Reports. Reports are structured by:

Data Analysis

Statistical Surveys collects and analyzes data according to Model and Type (Class A, Class C, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, Park Model and Camping Trailers). Analysis includes key statistics, market characteristics, key factors, and industry outlook.