Aluminum Data Solutions

There are more than 300 Aluminum boat builders in the industry, so it is imperative to know precisely what is selling, where and to whom. Statistical Surveys understands this, and provides a variety of information solutions for 48 states to help make your job easier:

Market Share Reports

Our Market Share Reports provide information on manufacturers, makes, models and types. These reports use the purchaser location and/or dealer's location as the geographic reference, and are published either as detailed State Reports or National Summary Reports. Reports are structured by:

Geographical Detail

Statistical Surveys can provide data with 7 levels of geographical detail:

Reporting Periods

Statistical Surveys provides data using the following reporting time periods:

Model Level

Most marine market share data is broken down by manufacturer only. Statistical Surveys delivers data by boat model level to help customers identify which boats are actually selling in their market. With this level of marine market knowledge, customers can make more confident, cost-effective decisions, and measure the impact of those decisions down the road.

Custom Reporting

The Statistical Surveys Team can develop and prepare custom reports based on your exact market data requirements in such areas as: