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Statistical Surveys is a premier provider of market intelligence to the Marine, Manufactured Housing, RV-Motorized and RV-Towable Industries. Founded in 1958, we have created the world’s largest number of market share data reports, and our capabilities are unprecedented in terms of cost, depth, breadth, and accuracy. We have established strong, long-standing relationships with industry leaders and understand the intimate details of each industry we serve, enabling us to spot emerging trends in the data.

We specialize in continuously gathering and cleansing new retail registration data, and providing clients with up-to-date insights on buyer behavior through a comprehensive suite of market data products and services. We have the expertise to custom-tailor the latest market data solutions to meet your specific needs and help keep you ahead of the competition. Hundreds of Marine, RV, and Manufactured Housing dealers and manufacturers use our highly reliable market information to help them understand and respond to changing customer demands. We also help them:

A privately held firm, Statistical Surveys is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our mission statement is simple: We are dedicated to compiling the most accurate data for our customers in the most efficient and timely manner possible.